Do you recruit or consider overseas participants for AGT103-T clinical trials?

Currently, our HIV cure attempt clinical trial is only being conducted in the U.S.

Unfortunately, we are not currently running any trials outside of the U.S. In fact, it is only in two US states since it is a small human trial.

The ongoing trial is a small phase 1 study in Maryland and Washington DC.

The hospitals that have registered to be trial sites are responsible for recruiting patients (this is the standard procedure in human trials), so you would need to be in touch with those hospitals to be considered for the study. To track current and future clinical trials, refer to (look up "American Gene Technologies" to find our open studies). Or click here to access the official page for the AGT103-T phase 1 trial.

If the phase 1 study works as well as we hope, we will start additional (larger) studies immediately and press forward as quickly as possible to bring our drug to the market. We are passionate about making a difference for HIV+ individuals to help them live their lives free from the effects of HIV with as little inconvenience and reduction in quality-of-life as possible. It is our hope that our cell therapy may be able to give HIV+ individuals the ability to control their viremia without continuous ART treatment. We are internally confident about our approach to developing a functional cure for HIV, but only human trials will give us a solid indication of our progress. In order to stay up to date on the details of this and future clinical trials, consider signing up for our newsletter or connecting with us on social media, where we will post our progress.