How much will AGT103-T cost?

We aren't certain yet, but the outlook is good in the future for reasonable prices that will make gene and cell therapies cost-effective and available to most of the world

Initially, gene and cell therapy cures (and AGT103-T) may be expensive. We don't know the price for AGT103-T yet because we are currently focused on proving its safety and efficacy in the current clinical trial.

We expect AGT103-T will land in the lower end of the typical price ranges for gene and cell therapies, but it's too early to say for sure.  We also believe that the cost of an HIV cure will be less expensive than the existing costs of treating HIV+ individuals for life with antiretrovirals (including treating those patients for the side-effects of lifelong antiretrovirals which can add to the costs), so that should make it easier to get it to more people with insurance companies and governments eventually supporting a cure strategy.  However, we still need to prove that it works, first.  After that, we will need to deal with pricing and strategy to get it to patients globally.

We are working to create an efficient development and manufacturing process, so we hope that over time, the cost of production will come down. Gene and cell therapy technologies are developing very quickly, especially at AGT, and we believe that the industry as a whole will be influenced by the efficiency trend. Higher efficiency contributes to the industry's continuously lowering barriers to entry, which fosters competition and keeps prices reasonable for the end-consumers of therapeutics.

Do you own a cell phone? You probably remember back in the first days of computers, they were very expensive. That was also an industry that followed a "technology curve". Over time, the value of computers kept going up while the prices came down. We hope that gene and cell therapy will be the same way. Maybe it will be expensive at first (like the first Macintosh 128K), but over time you will get very powerful therapies at reasonable prices.