If one of the intentions of AGT103-T is to inhibit replication in latently infected cells, are you hoping for a functional cure but not expecting a sterilizing cure that eliminates all infected cells?

Is there a possibility that the latently infected cells would leech out all remaining virus over time without negative result due to the study product, similar to what appears to have happened with elite controller Loreen Willenberg?

The example you refer to is exactly what we are trying to achieve. AGT scientists believe the best way to fight a virus is nature’s way: have a strong immune response. Unfortunately, HIV evolved to defeat immunity by destroying CD4 cells, which are the driving force for all immune reactions capable of eradicating virus. We developed the AGT103-T product to come as close as we can to repairing the damage done by HIV. If things work as planned, the treatment should restart your normal immune response against HIV and, we hope, lead to controlling virus replication and eventually removing the infected cells.