Is there a certain date when we will disclose results?

Clinical trials are not business ventures, they are medical investigations. Predicting the timing of clinical trials can be quite difficult, so data is simply announced when it becomes available.

Clinical trials involve real people, exposing the timeline to significant variability. On top of that, these trials are meant to prove safety and efficacy metrics, which means that regulators may place trials on hold to investigate certain risks or examine certain effects more deeply. On top of that, recruitment, screening and enrollment of trial participants occurs until a representative sampling of participants is identified. The nature of treatment withdrawal studies also naturally leads to unpredictable timelines, since participants are taken off of ART then monitored until the end of the study or until they need to resume medication.


Due to the factors such as those discussed above, predicting the timing of clinical trials is not possible. We understand that for many, the idea of waiting an undetermined amount of time for an update is uncomfortable. However, the reality of the situation makes it impossible to accurately predict the date of the next update, so the AGT team must simply report progress whenever milestones are passed.