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Specific Patient information regarding participating in Clinical Trials

As a standard practice, companies do not select trial participants in order to prevent biasing the results of the clinical trials. Accordingly, AGT is not involved in specific patient selection. To enroll in one of AGT's clinical trials, you would need to contact the trial sites. ClinicalTrials.gov has information about the trial sites (clinics and hospitals) that are responsible for recruiting patients that qualify for the study.

The study requires that the participants have a CD4 T cell count of 500 or above, among other requirements. From the start of antiretroviral therapy treatment, it normally takes 1 to 3 years to reach a 500 CD4 count, but an "undetectable" viral load probably indicates that the ART is working. Perhaps you will fit the criteria (please refer to ClinicalTrials.gov) for the Phase 1 study, but if not, perhaps you will match in a future study. Eventually, we hope to make our product available globally if it is demonstrated to be safe and effective in human trials. There may be trials outside of the US in the future, and it will hopefully become available in hospitals and clinics worldwide.