When will your product be available?

Clinical trials, especially for first-in-class therapeutics such as AGT103-T, are uncharted territory. Predicting the timing can be difficult.

Clinical trials involve real people, which means risk, variability, and real world difficulties. It can be hard to make accurate predictions on the timing of these trials. AGT is currently finalizing the phase 1 trial and its related analytic treatment interruption (ATI) study. The phase 1 trial took approximately 2 years including all patient recruitment, product manufacture and release, and the additional ATI study which provided early efficacy signals which would not normally come out of a phase 1 trial. As we look forward to a phase 2 trial, we will remain cautious about providing timelines since these trials are prone to a high degree of variability. This is a common question, and we understand that many people want a direct answer, but the best way to set realistic expectations is to follow our social media pages or sign up for our newsletter where we give updates whenever possible.