Will the Clinical Trials take more or less than 10 years?

Just to be clear, any predictions right now are likely to change based on the results of the Phase 1 trial, which will take until mid-2021 to yield significant data. With that in mind, it is possible that there could be limited commercialization three to four years from an efficacy signal, which could even happen in the Phase 1 trial. From there, it is reasonable to expect that it would take a couple more years for wide distribution.

That is a forward-looking statement that is not guaranteed, so please do not count on it, and don't be upset with us if it takes longer. We are trying to get it out as fast as we can. There are many externalities on the route to launching a new drug (especially regulatory requirements of the FDA and other agencies worldwide) that are beyond our control and could cause delays.

All of this depends on verifying that the cell product actually works in humans the way we expect it to. We are (internally) confident, but it needs to be proven in the ongoing human trial, so until that is done, we don't know for sure.